Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lux by Courtney Cole 5 STAR REVIEW!!


The dramatic series finale to Courtney Cole's bestselling Nocte trilogy!

My name is Calla Price and I’m broken.

My pieces are all around me, floating on the wind, even as I desperately try to grasp them.

Who is dead? Alive? Insane?

What is the truth?

I don’t know.

I do know this: The darkness is strangling me. With every breath, I choke on another lie.

My mind has protected me, but that shield will soon be lowered.

All will be revealed.
Every answer to every question.

It’s all been leading to this.

Don’t be afraid.
Be terrified.
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My Thoughts on Lux...

How do you put in words and convey to clear thought something that makes you think, WHAT THE HELL!! How do you express how a series can suck you down the rabbit hole and having your mind spinning and reeling for days? After reading Lux that is exactly what I ponder as I sit her writing my review. There is no way my words can give this book justice! It’s just impossible! If you are looking for a book to knock your socks off and that will blow your mind this is it! I almost feel like that old anti-drug commercial. You know, the “this is your brain” and they show an egg, then the commercial cuts to the egg being fried in a pan, and “this is your brain on drugs”. I’m like no wait… THAT IS MY BRAIN AFTER READING LUX!!  There is no better way to explain it!

 I wish I could explain the plot line but I just hate to give this book away! I am a firm believer of déjà vu, fate, and all things happen for a reason. This one is so open to interpretation on how the ending plays out it’s almost like is the glass half full or is the glass half empty. It’s all how you look at it!! I HIGHLY recommend it and say you have to have an open mind. 5 HUGE STARS!!

Series reading order: Nocte (#1), Verum (#2), Initium (#2.5), Lux (#3).
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Courtney Cole is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist who would rather write than eat chocolate. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business, but no amount of working in the corporate world could quell her urge to write.

Courtney was born and raised in Kansas, home of incredibly friendly people and the most horrendous weather on the planet. Because summer days were so hot, she grew up reading stacks of books... and when she didn't like the ending, she wrote her own.

Courtney has relocated to Florida where she writes beneath palm trees. To learn more about her, please visit her website.  To sign up for her newsletter and receive exclusive sneak peeks and super-fan perks, click here.

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