Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sins of Sevin by Penelope Ward 5 Sar Review!


What happens when the one you want is the only one you can't have?

My name is Sevin.

Homeschooled and sheltered by my ultra-religious family, I was always taught that lust was a sin.

Elle was the girl who'd been carefully chosen for me.

After a long-distance courtship, I'd be moving into her family's guesthouse so that we could get to know each other in the months before the wedding.

Boundaries were set: no inappropriate touching, no kissing, no sex before marriage.

I'd accepted those rules and my fate.

Until I met the one I wanted to sin with.

That was when restraint became a problem...especially since THE ONE wasn't Elle.

It was her sister, Evangeline.

You know what they say about best laid plans.

My name is Sevin, and I have sinned.

Told in alternating points of view, Sins of Sevin is a full-length standalone novel. Contains graphic sexual content and harsh language. Only appropriate for adult readers age 18+.

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My Thoughts...
Penelope Ward has quickly moved up my list of favorite authors as with each release she just knocks my socks off!! She sucks me into her story and holds me there until the very end! While reading Sins of Sevin, this book was all I could think about. I would be at work and read on my lunch and break and after I would be thinking of ways to sneak read some more! For me, Sevin’s story was heartbreaking! I just wanted him to be happy and it seemed like at every turn life had other plans for him. The emotions that the author is able to convey just jumped off the pages at me and held me hostage the entire time! This is a phenomenal novel that I would highly recommend!

The book starts off with Sevin’s father passing away. He lived with his father and step mother and now with his father gone he was looking to move out on his own. When a friend of his Father’s gives him an opportunity to work for him and eventually take over his company he knew it was something he could not refuse. There was just one catch… he would need to marry his daughter, Elle. They came from a very traditional old fashioned up bringing where arrangement marriages and courtships were still something they believed in. After talking to Elle on the phone for months, they decide to take the next step and have Sevin move to their home and live in a small house on the property. Still, a courtship would be strictly enforced and they would need to have a chaperone when they were together.

On the way to their home, Sevin’s truck has a little trouble and while he is looking under the hood, a girl on a bike catches his eye. More surprisingly she knows a thing or two about cars and helps him fix it and get him back on the road. He is mesmerized by her. They are complete strangers but she is all he can think about it. Little does he know he’s met Elle’s sister Evangeline. Here he is supposed to be courting Elle and he can’t stop thinking about Evangeline. Where Elle is content on being a wife and mother to who her family sees fit, Evangeline is a free spirit and wants to experience life and not just go through the motions. Both Sevin and Evangline share the same feelings and the pair struggles to keep faithful to Elle as neither wants to betray her trust. They agree to be friends and fight the strong feelings they have towards each other.

How everything changes in a blink of an eye. An accident changes everything for all and things will never be the same after it. Sevin knows where his responsibilities are and all he can to be loyal and faithful. I don’t want to spoil the story so I won’t go into great detail but this is where for me the story is gut wrenching! It just makes me fall in love with Sevin so much more and had me hoping that he could be happy. The twist and turns the follow just had me so engrossed in the story I never wanted it to end! This is definitely one that is a MUST read! Huge 5 stars for me!!

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